BALLOON SPECIALTIES Locally Owned and Operated


We offer helium and CO2. Helium, like balloons, come in a range of sizes, depending on your needs. We can fit you with the proper size to get the most out of your budget and still have the ability to provide your company's promotion that happy and joyful atmosphere. Kids and adults alike, want to be a part of that good feeling.

We also sell tank sands and regulators that are required for all tanks.



Helium Tanks Come In The Following Sizes

60 cyl (85 11" Balloons or 35 17" Balloons)

81 cyl (125 11" Balloons or 50 17" Balloons)

110 cyl (185 11" Balloons or 75 17" Balloons)

155 cyl (295 11" Balloons or 100 17" Balloons)

219 cyl (375 11" Balloons or 145 17" Balloons)

291cyl (475 11" Balloons or 195 17" Balloons)


CO2 Tanks Come In The Following Sizes

20 pound tank

50 pound tank